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Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey is crafted from a mash of corn, rye and malted barley. From 35 Maple Street Spirits in the heart of Sonoma, California.

mugenstyle: Aiden Shaw

Garb: Wrong colours on this buy, he must be cool-toned because this warm combo is just not right. Be careful wearing a beard, you MUST get your colours right or you look antagonistic.

Classic look suit with relaxed chambray shirt. Straight clean lines. And an incredible beard and amazing hair!

Uniforms for the Dedicated 2013 Fall/Winter Campaign: Uniforms for the Dedicated presents its 2013 fall/winter campaign featuring actor and model Aiden Shaw. Clad in the "Turmoil" collection, the Swedish.

Metal Shop Beard

Are you planning to grow a beard? Do you know the basics of growing a beard? This article is a guide on styles and maintenance of men's beards.

Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks en #roostermoto

Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks. (via Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks — Silodrome)

this guide offers some good ideas for various occasions.

I would never dream of adding grenadine to my Manhattan, but this guide offers some good ideas for various occasions. I love how I'm the manly man since I drink it straight. Women can drink straight whiskey too lol.

Gradient Coffee Table | Eli Chissick

A coffee table made up of different wood veneers laid out in a gradient pattern from dark to light to celebrate wood's natural beauty in a color spectrum.