Native Violet laves and flowers

Plant Lovin’ – Native Violet

Native Violet - Viola Hederacea Prostrate 15 x Flowers most of the year especially late winter to spring Semi shade, moist to wet soil Tolerates poor drainage & full sun to full shade Local to City of Yarra

170mm Lomandra Longfolia Tanika. This is a fantastic plant and may be a good option for below the magnolia and other trees.

Lomandra Longfolia 'Tanika' to property entry, lounge window garden, courtyards and pool ornamental planting

Cycad, Cardboard Palm (Zamia furfuracea) (Tolerates Phoenix heat/freeze in shade..looked dead for 3 mos after freeze, then recovered. CAUTION: seeds/plants poisonous if ingested, read main page on Davesgarden for this plant about Cycad Toxicity/Poisoning for veterinary care for poisoned animals!!!

Cycad, Cardboard Palm (Zamia furfuracea) (Tolerates Phoenix heat/freeze in…

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Tuckeroo tree

Plant of the month is the Tuckeroo. This is a great all round evergreen tree, with flushes of bright glowing new growth through Spring and Summer.

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