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This is perfect.

me!*stares at them as I shove the rest of it in my mouth* I shall shove it in vigorously.

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Fart Now Loading Funny T-Shirt Cancel People Of Walmart Humor - this made Dan and I laugh really hard! But seriously, who would wear that?

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Spider on side of toilet bowl, Nope that's OK I really don't have to go that badly, generally they’re just annoyingly scary.

This dude who almost got his friend mauled by a cheetah — just for giggles. | 22 Worst Friends Anyone Could Ask For

Post with 11790 votes and 4321642 views. Shared by thewalkingtalkingstephenhawking. Great friends pulling a prank

Things That You May Have Done In Your Life // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

You had a good childhood when you did some of these things. I did most of em except 4 and 7 lol. What makes it better when reading it is that when u read it u remember a time u actually did it lol.

Top 10 pranks for #students to play on each other.

Artwork by David Wildish - Top Ten pranks to play on friends is an illustrated infographic featuring some cruel, fun and silly pranks to pull on frie

Oh GOD OH GOD NOPE. | 17 Things That Will Make You Immediately Say "Nope!"

Funny pictures about Nooope nope nope. Oh, and cool pics about Nooope nope nope. Also, Nooope nope nope.