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Brody Mallegrom

Brody Mallegrom
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Quality Concept Art by Jacob Atienza

Artwork for Fantasy Flight Games' recently released supplement titled Tome of Excess, for their Warhammer Black Crusade RPG. ©Fantasy Flight Games Hunters and Hunted

Inquisimunda Inspiration

jolly-plaguefather: “ Chaos cultist brandishing the head of a slain Space Marine. No, the cultist probably didn’t kill the marine single handedly.

Super smart way to make prepping and clean up easier.

The cutting board with a storage drawer is great for cooking at home when you have a lot of crap to cut but no where to put it. With the West Elm storage cutting board you can cut/chop/dice your food,.

Mind blown<<nyhaha wrong. 3254682*2=6512964. 6512964+6=6512970. 6512970/2=3256485. 3256485-3254682=1803.

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous "trick" I've ever seen. Let me try another one, it will blow your mind. Think of a number, ANY number. Add Subtract your number. Your answer is -- mind = blown

Important Zombie facts we've learned from movies, the CDC, and more!

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