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bamboo sporks - for when i give away single cupcakes
Juliette Binoche | Richard Avedon
Sensuous impulse in design is much more than pure function quite possibly the complete opposite. From outrageous proportions to the seductive and decorative designs, the sensuous impulse was first dominant in the Rococo period form 1730-1765 and again during  the Art Nouveau period 1880-1910.
Masisa Lab - gt2P. Masisa Lab - gt2p. It was designed with parallel stripes that cross the space lengthwise, creating a sinuous topography intercepted with functional points for lighting and furniture of the wall. Because of its unifying nature, it creates an enveloping sensation for visitors. Ribs in Mdf veneered were cut and bent by assembly on carved Mdf for its construction.
Organic Architect Robert Oshatz’s house ( Portland, Oregon ) Ahhh, a feast for my eyes. I love the curved surfaces and the natural setting.
Integrated floor lighting - Slattery Australia by Elenberg Fraser . Australian Interior Design Awards 2013 workplace winner
Armani Fifth Avenue – Massimiliano Fuksas
We've got spools of CD-Rs we don't need any more or that went bad