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Explains a lot of the naruto characters except maybe naruto himself

rian // dialogue: children so traumatized in the first years of life that they do not bond with other people

chris // dialogue: please don't leave. get the hell away

Legit note to my friends, this is more or less my emotional cycle for all of my friendships, it's never personal, just mark your calendars for "more of Jack's shit.

Sempre de preparar para o pior e nunca confiar nas pessoas Always prepare for the worst and never trust people

I'm just a kid who got in too deep.

The White Prince. He doesn't realize it, because he doesn't see it as a problem. He is only here because he was young, lost, and willing to learn.

i could hear her. shes disgusted by me. that im too sofr and semsitive.

and so is my father. and sister. and grandparents. Honestly, is there any person in this house that doesn't have family issues?

Silent Hill, Versailles, Washington, Dead, Angels