Just speechless.

will you all go ask me questions on my ask. the links in my bio!

They have no idea what they are missing out on.

*raises hand and clears throat.* "One more time, please. Just in American this time."<<<<< I will explain for all those no Aussies they are chocolates and lollies or whatever the f**k people call them

Seriously though.

Australia seems like it would be a fun place. If not for the deadly animals and horrible weather <<< it's fiiine! I actually remember this happening tho

There's a bear in there. And a chair as well. There's people with games. And stories to tell. Open wide, come inside, ITS PLAYSCHOOL!!!

Seriously they never got the joy of guessing which window it was going to be that day? That's just sad.<< someone should fix this play school taught me more than school

Now his name is even a verb. Well done Steven Bradbury!!

22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia

To those who think that fairy bread isn't awesome: fight me!

it's not 'sprinkles' it's hundreds-and-thousands. Any fancy chocolate sprinkles or what have you are NOT fairy bread, and you only eat those at special parties. this has been an Aussie PSA on fairy bread.


29 Times Tumblr Just Couldn't Take Australian Animals Seriously

'Who the fuck thinks a crocodile is an appropriate gift for a baby?