Fill an ice tray with melted chocolate, put berries in & freeze them. Genius!

put strawberries in an ice cube tray, add your favorite chocolate, viola! put strawberries in an ice cube tray, add your favorite chocolate, viola!

get in my tummy!

self frosting nutella cupcakes. Tried them Ummm. not so good. The cupcake was dry and kind of tasteless. the nutella was great in them though. I'd try a cupcake mix/recipe I like, either frosted in nutella, or with a nutella "surprise" in the middle.

Tea-bag cookies

For a tea shower- tea bag cookies - cute idea but the recipe is in French. Looks like shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate shaped into tea bag

piñata cookies

How to make adorable burro piñata cookies: Piñata cookie tutorial

Pinata cookies for cinco de mayo. done and done? And, it didn't even have to be fit cinco de mayo! They're just cool

Cupcake fondue. Could dessert get any better?!

Cupcake Fondue

Cupcake fondue: what an amazing idea! >> that looks pretty awesome! I'm so having a cupcake fondue party!

homemade fruit popsicles

Frozen Fruit Pops - Blend a cup of yogurt with, from left: 2 peeled, chopped bananas and 2 tablespoons of honey; 1 punnet of rinsed and hulled strawberries and cup of guava juice; 1 peeled and diced kiwi fruit and the flesh of a piece of honeydew melon.

Twix Cake

What's better than a Twix? A Jumbo Twix. Recipe for Twix cake by raspberry cupcakes

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Recipe for Cauliflower Crust Hawaiian Pizza Previous. Pinner - I was able to make two pizzas from one large head of cauliflower. We really liked the pizza and agreed that you can’t tell at all that the crust is made out of cauliflower.

Easy and cute

Cookie Monster Cupcake, so cute! Btw, I finally understand why cookie monster was my favorite sesame street character as a kid.

Homemade banana ice cream, healthy as only need bananas!

One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

The most delicious, creamy, and healthy one ingredient ice cream! Step one: Put frozen bananas in food processor and press on. Step two: Eat!

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