2nd Grade - crayon resist - cool/warm http://createartwithme.com/2013/01/03/warm-cool-colors-handprint-pattern-watercolor-crayon-resist-painting/

Warm & Cool Colors Handprint Pattern Watercolor & Crayon Resist Painting - Create Art with ME

Aboriginal symbols on rocks for children to play with. NAIDOC week.

Students can study aboriginal symbols and transfer them onto rocks to be added to a rock garden that the whole school contributes as a part of NADOC week celebrations.

Colouring Pages incl Aboriginal Art - Brisbane Kids

Aboriginal Colouring Pages

Aboriginal Colouring Pages gifted to Brisbane Kids by local indigenous artists for the free non commercial enjoyment of Kids in Brisbane

Rock Art Stencilling - CleverPatch

During NADOC week celebrations the school could get an aboriginal artist that specialises in hand painting to come into the school and produce art with the students. These art works could be used in a school based work.

Picture books for NAIDOC Week and inclulding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

Picture books for NAIDOC Week and including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

Australian animal - Echidna Art n Craft - Matchsticks

Create your very own multi-coloured emu. child aged months should be able to count to so encourage their counting skills by counting how many spikes are on your echidna.