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Festive Fears by Zavial - you can commercially print with white ink nowadays - yep, that's right - from a straightforward, although high end, digital printing machine.

Jamie Lidells new self-titled album cover for all our #pixel loving #packaging peeps PD

Double packed sleeve with inner sleeve for extra protection and graphic space. Jamie Lidell's new self-titled album cover for all our loving peeps PD

The chart explains greens connection to nature which can be useful as coffee is a 'natural' energy booster

Pick The Right Color For Design With This Colour Psychology Chart. Businesses often utilize color psychology to increase productivity, but it can also be great for home use (i. determing colors for calming spages for sleep, yoga, meditation, etc)

Orange could even be used as it stimulates creativity pleasure and optimism

Colour and stress relief, colour healing and colour energy; colour affects your moods and emotions. Use colour therapy to correct imbalances and relieve stress. Learn colour meanings and how to apply.

could look at using reds or yellows to evoke the high energy feeling associated with the "coffee buzz"

Understanding color psychology: boost your brands image by using the right colors - WorkLAD - Lad Banter Funny LAD Pics