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"Hanging After School with Jungkook" by btsoutfits ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Topshop, T By Alexander Wang, Acne Studios and Uniform Wares

Cystic acne has been a problem for many people since it is caused by cyst; this is why it is also called as cystic acne. It is a much severe and acute condition of acne; cystic acne is nothing but some lumps of inflammation.

I like cinnamon bun puppy Jin more he is so cute

So true! But I am starting to understand it.대박!

Damn yassss it is just so true that i can even say whether that person is korean just by looking at them. <---I went to an international school in Shanghai and a third of our grade was Korean. All of this is SO TRUE for me you have no idea.

F*ck, I fell right into the BigHit trap, they're truly eating me alive... What have I become? Bangtan Trash, that's what.. | Tumblr

So true 😭😭 the life of a Kpop fan