mary elizabeth tran

mary elizabeth tran

Klaus Mikaelson's pants ✌ / if you feel bad about yourself, just remember you run faster than internet explorer
mary elizabeth tran
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In The World Of @sosadtoday — Are You Depressed Or Addicted To Attention? | Thought Catalog

In The World Of — Are You Depressed Or Addicted To Attention?

Accept failure as part of the process. Don't give up! "When you realize and accept that failure is just part of the process of life, you will also realize a certain measure of peace"-M.

theevildead-:  by 下北沢世代

Details about They magazine's August/September issue on Magpile, the online reference to the world of magazines.

Read Better, Read Faster #Pelican

1975 Read Faster, Read Better - Manya and Eric De Leeuw

[Penguin Books] lines and layouts

Romek Marber’s grid, used for cover layout by Penguin in the early neatly grouped the typographic information and the colophon together within the top third of the page, allowing for over two thirds of the cover to be used by the illustration.

23. Jewish Culture Festival

Visual identity and promotional materials for Krakow Jewish Culture Festival.The Krakow Jewish Culture Festival is an international cultural event with a tradition dating back over 20 years.However, in recent times, the Festival had started to str…