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Tinkering around in your parent's garage and playing with things you shouldn't, you were an inventor from the start. Having a thing is never enough.  You need to know the how, why, and what of the build. Your foundation for innovation is equal parts curiosity and creation.  We know you because we are you. With gears in full view and structured style, the Dover Black & Koa was designed for the maker in us all.

I'm so debating saying fuck it and buying one. Dover Koa & Black - Skeleton Face Wood Watch by JORD

Chrono Gun Metal/Leather

💥Style of the day💥The 'Chrono - Gun Metal/Sandstone Leather'.


This beautiful leather Macbook iPad Mini folio organizer is stitched using soft cowhide leathers. It is sturdy, practical and styled with our minimalistic charisma. The organizer will fit an MacBook a