WIP Glass Monsters

ADULT EPIC FANTASY /// Two princeling decide to stave off impending war by robbing every neighbouring monarch blind. And sassing everyone half to death in the process. Armed with confidence schemes and disguised as jesters, the brothers dismantle the Bone Queen's country. But when her animated corpse monsters come to play, they get caught in the sadistic queen’s court of whimsy, games, and murder. Instead of avoiding war, they're starting one.
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"I'm evil, and that's all there is, any good you see in me is a mirage playing for your eyes as they go blind from staring too deeply into the dark".

After days of being cooped up in the dark, the Emperor decided to escape the crowded walls of his kingdom. He rode his faithful steed for a glimpse of a life outside of responsibility and the claws of his advisors.


it’s getting a little cluttered with jewelry making materials, but it feels good to have such a vast amount of crystal energy pouring into my room …hope you all have had blessed daysterra astra // shop ☾☾☾☾ // insta ☾☾☾☾