WIP The Kill Season

dark epic fantasy /// A dragon queen builds an unstoppable weapon with the body of a boy tree demon and the flesh of a dead wizard. This boy-weapon will bring war and save the dying dragon race. Except the weapon wants peace. And the dragon queen is not supposed to love him. //// Draft 1 = 130,000-words September 2016
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Even though this picture includes colours such as yellows and light blues, its still the type of picture that would feature on the front of an album of a magazine front because of the mystery and its very captivating.

That was the ultimate proof for him, even more than dragon-taming and demon-slaying, that his uncle would work through this: the fire was no longer a burden to him, but a shield. (Seven Devils, Autumn Laisse Hathel)

"There is no dark side in the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark. (The only thing that makes it look light is the sun)."


"Which Queen is the best ruler?"// Lox: "Val"// Ma: "Val"// Val: "Moriah"// Mo: "Anne"// An: "Moriah"//


Grace coughed, looking over her teammates. Harley and Frank, Juli and Isaac... all Blitzsterben and their riders. They sat in the forest silently, reinforcing their arrows and cleaning off their bows. She smiled, ready for what was going to come.

The craving to amount to something An individual with Saturn in the house, will often feel that they must achieve something in the world, and through this challenge are dealt with frustrations…