Australians. I looked all these up and it is true, even the fish penis show < haha poor non Aussies. Think we're mad ;)

Australians Will Get This

itsstuckyinmyhead: “Australian Photoset more? LiberTea photoset Battle Of the Countries Canada photoset ” I live in Australia and all of this is true! Though our possums can be really.

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On cafeterias.

Idk about other places here, but I live in Canada and my school doesn't have cafeterias either. You bring your own lunch from home and you either eat outside or in the library.

It's so annoying! I never know what to call them now. Americans you ruined my vocabulary lol :P

It took me a while to understand that a thong in Australia is a flip flop in America

In Australia we call multiple stores 'the shops'

In Australia we call multiple stores 'the shops'>>> yes bcause we are soooo smart

awesome Tumblr Tuesday 4-26 by

Tumblr Tuesday 4-26

LMAO<<So it's the Australian version of "Does a bear go to the bathroom in the woods? <---- in all my life living in Australia I have never heard someone say that, pretty sure it was just a couple of Australians messing with them, we do that

Only in Australia, does a man robbing a servo with a boomerang seem normal...

Only in Australia, does a man robbing a servo with a boomerang seem normal. 《listen u weridos im an Australian and this ain't normal so shut it

How do you pronounce that?! Thanks to Meanwhile in Australia (FB)

Don't forget the cry of Aussie Aussie Aussie, in a crowd. There will be a shout out of Oi Oi Oi. Of at least one Aussie!

Meanwhile in Australia (No F*cks Were Given)

I'm tempted to think this photo has been photoshopped . only I recently saw a shark spotted sign at Blueys Beach, and plenty of people, including my husband, were still out surfing.