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Woven wall hanging / Little treasures n.3 / Handwoven от jujujust

Woven wall hanging / Little treasures / Handwoven от jujujust

MADE TO ORDER  Woven wall hanging Handwoven Tapestry  by jujujust

This colorful tapestry was delicately hand woven with a bunch of wool and cotton threads. I realized this tapestry with my hands, so, its completely

DIY pom pom wall hang | sugar & cloth

For those of us that don't have the knack for woven versions, let me introduce you to this cute little DIY pom pom wall hang instead!

One of the most popular posts here on Babble Dabble Do has been Milk Painting and I can see why, the process makes really wild and beautiful designs. When I originally brought milk painting to school as a science project my friend Theresa suggested dipping paper in the milk to see if we could transfer …

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