Thinking of replicating some Australian architectural ideas into your home design or trying to remember the iconic features of Australian residential architecture?
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Kangaroo Paw Origin: Endemic only to the south-west of Western Australia.  Climate: Will grow in most moderate zones although requires protection from extreme heat and frost. It doesn’t perform well in humid areas. Soil: Well-drained soil enriched with well-composted organic matter. Aspect: Full sun Water: Moderately drought tolerant although needs to be watered regularly during hot seasons and periods of prolonged drought.

Red Kangaroo Paw Botanical name: Anigozanthos ‘Red Cross’ USDA Zones: Water requirement: Medium to regular Sun requirement: Full sun Mature size: h x spread Environmental benefits/tolerances: Moderately drought tolerant;

Traditional Porch by Allison Ramsey Architects - Part of the appeal of this home is being able to open it up to the outdoors, but if the mosquitoes are out of an evening, indoor lighting serves as an invitation for them in. A sliding screen door like this one is not an afterthought. If you’re putting in new sliding doors to open up your house, be sure to consider how you’re going to keep flies, mozzies and moths out.

Baypoint Cottage at Brays Island - traditional - porch - charleston - Allison Ramsey Architects

From the Australian Garden Show Sydney: Myles Baldwin's outdoor entertaining area

Combination of Sandstone and blue patterned tiles as seen at the Australia Garden Show Sydney. Create this look at Suregrip Ceramics, Gordon Avenue Geelong West 3218

Contemporary house is located in Australia is entitled Beached House by the architectural firm BKK Architects. 01

Maison d'architecte contemporaine en Australie

The Beached House by BKK Architect It is not a new concept to place the master. The Beached House by BKK Architect. It is not a new concept to place the .

Dingoes, though generally associated with Australia, likely originated from Southeast Asia and were introduced to Australia about 3,000 years ago.

Scientists predict the dingo might be extinct within 20 years! A big reason is because dingoes can cross-breed successfully with domesticated dogs. The results of this coupling create mixes that are larger than pure dingo’s and can out-compete them.

Got any Eucalyptus trees nearby for these cuddly friends?

Learn about Unique Australian & New Zealand Land Animals - Kid World Citizen

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree...

Not only will my Bird of the Day board highlight UK/European birds, but also Australia/Asian birds (being an expat and all). One of the birds from home I miss most - the Kookaburra