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Tracey Campbell

Tracey Campbell
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Delightful vintage inspired baking illustrations for this illustrated recipe for the classic scone; by OHN MAR WIN

In December, the principal household duty lies in preparing for the creature comforts of those near and dear to us, so as to meet old Christmas with a happy face, a contented mind, and a full larder; and in stoning the plums, washing the currants, cutting the citron, beating the eggs, and mixing the pudding, a housewife is not unworthily greeting the genial season of all good things.    Isabella Beeton, Beeton’s Book of Household Management, 1861

Christmas Customs - Featuring five of Mrs Beeton's Christmas puddings, and four Christmas plum pudding recipes.

Mrs Beeton, Illustration of crockery

Beeton's Book of Household Management' an illustration of Breakfast and Tea China : 4 Tea Cups & Bread & Butter butter Sardine coffee cups.

pastry_variety_1.jpg 628×820 ピクセル

The Antiquarium - Antique Print & Map Gallery - T. Percy Lewis & A. Bromley - Variety of Francies - Chromolithograph