Devils Marble, Australia

Devils Marble, Australia-- These are huge round boulders out in the middle of the dessert. It truly is an unbelievable sight to see them precariously balancing on top of one another.

Where the Great Australian Bight and the Nullarbor Plain meet, Western Australia.

Corfu Weather & News: Nullarbor-Εκεί όπου τελειώνει η Γή South Australia coast, Nullarbor, Bunda Cliffs: Where the Earth ends and endless water spreads in front of your eyes.

Adelaide Botanic Garden, North Terrace Adelaide • botanic garden entrance, Adelaide city • a beautiful green refuge to relax in • why we love Adelaide

Pictures of Australia - Coober Pedy - - botanic garden entrance, Adelaide

The South Australian Walk of Fame, North Terrace, Adelaide • photo taken years ago before North Terrace was 're developed' • Adelaide's best

The South Australian Walk of Fame, North Terrace, Adelaide

Mt Gambier, South Australia

The Blue Lake, Mount Gambier. From November till April the cobalt blue of the water seen here is, amazingly, the actual colour of this stunning South Australian Volcanic Lake. For the remaining months of the year the water is a steel grey colour.