Macaroni Cheese Recipe - Dinner

Tempt your toddler’s tastebuds with these simple yet nutritious recipes with which they can (messily!) feed themselves. They’ll enjoy these yummy recipes including homemade chicken nuggets, quick salmon patties and easy spaghetti bake.

Chicken Risotto Recipe - Dinner

Risotto is a simple rice dish that makes a great budget family dinner. This recipe uses chicken mince and chicken stock to create a simple yet tasty meal.

Apricot Chicken Recipes - Dinner

Apricot chicken is a favourite dinner for a hungry family. This Kidspot New Zealand& recipe is so easy and turns out perfect every time.

Quick Salmon Patties Recipe - Dinner

These salmon patties are really quick to make and are made from staples in your pantry. These patties make the perfect dinner when you are short on time. Find more on Kidspot New Zealand's recipe finder.

Chicken Potato Bake Recipe - Dinner

Potato bakes are fantastic for mid-week dinners. Try this family friendly recipe with chicken, potatoes and creamy sauce.

Healthy Butter Chicken Recipe - Dinner

If you really love butter chicken but steer clear due to high kilojoules then this healthy butter chicken recipe is for you! Find more on Kidspot NZ.