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Percy Jackson's riptide, NO WAAAAY, O MY GODS, I NEEEEEED THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<< Is this real!!!?????!? OH MY GODS.

The best YA Books you should be reading this year.


Ionian Mode: 3 note per string patterns | Discover Guitar Online, Learn to Play Guitar

Since Prince's passing SO MANY new, unseen photos!!!! Post them here!!!

Sorry that i have to come with my super geekiness but actually, the o ending in Latin indicates that it is a first person singular so it's I set fire

Sade (born Helen Folasade Adu; Lead vocalist for the smooth jazz band Sade. She received an OBE from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace for services to music. Voted 30 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women in Music, & with the band, voted 50 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. Winner of 4 Grammy awards, & seller of 50 million records worldwide. Also winner of an American Music Award, & a BRIT award)

Because Christopher Lee was an epic sir and always will be.