Melody's 18th - our decorations

The final result of collecting pin ideas and what the room looked like after weeks and weeks of decorating jars and collecting decorations.We never wanted the decorations to be over the top and we definitely wanted a DIY feel to the whole thing. It all worked out exactly as planned, which was lovely (because how often does THAT happen).
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Jars and cheap glass votive holders decorated for my daughter's 18th birthday party. Colour scheme is black, purple and silver. I used an assortment of decoration methods. Some are done with spray on glitter, others were PVA and glitter,
A Vegemite jar, spray-painted with silver glitter and a purple ribbon. Fits right in with her purple, silver and black birthday theme. Going to stick an LED tealight in it.
My favourite - slightly different way of doing the ribbon on the black votive holder. PVA glue + black glitter, violet ribbon and a sticker to finish off.
Votive from Reject Shop, spray painted with silver glitter and finished off with purple ribbon twisted around and a pretty sticker.
Another pasta jar, PVA glue + purple glitter, finished off with scrapbook lace tape and a pretty sticker.
Finished jars. The large one was originally a pasta sauce jar, medium one a Vegemite one and the other two are from the Reject Shop. I used PVA glue and purple glitter for the large and smallest and the Vegemite jar is done with silver glitter spray paint. It gives a nice result, but it's an expensive way to do it.
Fairy lights on the ceiling. They actually come with the room, but I thought they were the finishing touch.
A bit blurry, more decorations.
Another decorated table - we also had spray, silver 18s for the middle of each table.
Table decorations - one or two decorated jars + a small bottle with one or two flowers and scattered "18" confetti. I found some submersible LED tealights that made the bottles pretty.

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