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Everything you need for happy chickens (and lots of eggs)!

I'm going to grow a vine up my coop next year! Chicken Coop Plans - by Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily for Better Homes & Gardens -

With a bit of inagination and greenery that bleak, dull wall can be turned into a herb garden and by recycling old cooldrink bottles you're helping the earth too.

With a bit of imagination and greenery that bleak, dull wall can be turned into a herb garden, and by recycling old pop bottles you're helping the earth too.

Adding a water feature to your patio is easier than you think! You can easily build your own water fountain or container pond. Save big bucks by using upcycled pots, barrels, or even an old canoe.  RELATED: A Whiskey-Barrel Water Garden Plan    -

the canoe pond, outdoor living, ponds water features, Here is another angle I love the change from the lower level of grade to the top of the deck Note how the bottom of the canoe is buried slightly into the landscape as if it was water Enjoy

Upcycle water/plastic bottles. Herb garden, scoop pet food, make a funnel, etc. I can't believe I don't currently own an x-acto knife.

Bottle Garden- green + green = yummy spices and herbs. The use of soda bottles to create a hanging garden comes from a Brazilian design studio, Rosenbaum.

Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain <-Tutorial  This is an easy, charming water fountain done with stones and inexpensive aluminum containers.

Fountain in a Tub. Fountains are a popular addition to any garden. This informal design marries smooth stones and an electric-blue gazing ball in a galvanised wash tub. An inexpensive submersible pump powers the flow of water.