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CRACKERJACK - PRIMARY SCHOOL RESOURCES * * * Supporting Non-Indigenous educators to teach about Aboriginal Strait Islander culture, knowledge and traditions. Every Resource matched to the Australian National Curriculum. Resources that engage and motivate children, enable them to reach their creative potential, meet their objectives and make the curriculum more accessible and exciting. #Aboriginal #TorresStrait #Culture #Indigenous #Languages #eLearning #mLearning #education

Australia is a continent of many and varied landscapes. Each of them is dramatic and all inspire awe and reverence. In this glorious book, Aboriginal artist Bronwyn Bancroft explores both the country and her feelings for it.

What if Aboriginal people helped all Australians to connect to country?

Picture this: every time Malcolm Turnbull addresses the nation, he acknowledges the Aboriginal country he was born on. @IndigenousX host Charlie Jia imagines a new kind of united Australian identity