Blue Tinsel Lily - Australia

Blue Tinsel Lily, Cape Tinsel Lily (Calectasia cyanea) A wooden perennial herb that grows up to high. The flowering season occurs from June to October.

˚Fringe Lilly, Asparagaceae Thysanotus sp. Cape Arid National Park, Western Australia

Cape Arid National Park, Western Australia My favourite flower ever - grows wild at my Mother's place.

Australian style

(native gardening) Gorgeous mix of Mediterranean and California native plants in this low-water landscape designed by Arleen Ferrara of Satori Garden Design. Looks like a watercolor painting! @ its-a-green-life

Paperbark, many Australian trees have bark like this - it helps to survive bush fires by insulating the living cambium below.

Melaleuca "Paperbark" tree-Melaleuca quinquenervia, commonly known as broad-leaved paperbark, the paper bark tea tree or niaouli, is a small- to medium-sized tree

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A tree with a strangler fig growing on the surface creates an amazing pattern. Image taken near Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

Landscaping: Australian Grass Tree

Australian Grass Tree - I need something else in there to provide context, how big is this thing? Soo cool is that a real palm tree?

Great Drought Tolerant Plant: Kangaroo Paw

east side of guest house or east side of west wall. plant suggestions: Kangaroo Paw (not dwarf), full sun, drought tolerant, long bloom season, many hot colors