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Australian Aboriginal art - Lyrebird

At Jenolan Caves, in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australian Aboriginal culture flourished.

Estensioni tricipiti seduto manubri More

SEATED DUMBBELL ONE ARM TRICEPS EXTENSION - The dumbbell extensions behind the head focus on the whole triceps in particular the external head. The exercise involves both the deltoid and the muscles of the forearms too.

dumbell military press

The dumbbell military press is a great shoulder exercise. it’s also a compound exercise which hits the triceps, deltoids and trapezius. Using the dumbbell vs using the barbell you get more range of motion with the dumbbells than you do with the barbell.

dumbell lateral side raise

BENT OVER DUMBELL SIDE LATERALS RAISES This exercise is a great shoulder exercise that hits all major heads of the deltoids and the trapezius. When doing a bent over side lateral raise you should always try to keep a slight bend in your arms.