After Murrayville we traveled to Yelta, and here we all are at Yelta, You should come along and enjoy heritage train taravel with DERMPAV. You can see us at

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RM 64 on a Rail Tourist Association tour on the up approximately between Smythesdale and Haddon on the "up" on Sunday the 15th of February 1981.

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Here is a photo from our recent Murrayville and Yelta tour all the tour patrons at Murrayville.

Rail Paddle & Plate Tour a great dining experience with heritage rail travel.

The Begonia Princess on Lake Wendouree, Rail Paddle & Plate Tour a great dining experience. See for tickets.

Both V/Line drivers stand in front of 58 RM after returning from the Barnes leg of the Insights Tour outings in 2013.

RM 61 (left) and RM 55 (right) at Newport Workshops in 1976 undergoing rebuilding. Victorian Railways photograph

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