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Pinterest: VIOLET

Every girl who loves long hair

Got hair cut yesterday. Used to have long hair. Thought shorter hair would look better. Bye amazing hair (but with split ends and burnt from curler)

sometimes it happens when people say someting that jsut happens to be in the right pitch

Our history teacher said "can't you keep your hands to yourself" I grinned,remembering Selena Gomez

and I keep asking myself what's wrong with me.But I don't know and it bugs me to the point where I some times get frustrated about it.

This is me everyday. people ask me what is wrong I just want to yell "I don't know, ok, so just go away!

Haha YES!

Hahahahah I do all of them except the one and the last one.but I did the head nod thing! What about you guys?<---------I'm not number 12 either! And yes, I did the head nod

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Education Quote: Teenager Post - Dear Teacher, If I sit next to my best friend I'll whisper to her. If you move me across the room, I'll shout to her. It's your choice.

So annoying

if you don't get this I am so judging you right now, and if you didn't read this in his voice I will judge you again.