Izziyana Suhaimi illustration

Izziyana Suhaimi is an incredibly talented artist from Singapore. These beautiful works are a mixture of illustration, watercolours and embroidery. Izziyana doesn't have any formal training in illustr

Animals dressed in clothes/talking animals also freak me out...majorly (heather-mattoon-cats-in-clothes-1)

Cats in Clothes by Heather Mattoon

Framed Fine Art Print - Margaret - Cats In Clothes by Heather Mattoon

Frankie magazine subscription

Frankie (Australia) New cover Frankie magazine: based in Australia, Frankie is a bi-monthly mag dedicated to celebrating music, arts, photography, fashion and pop culture’s quirkier aspects.

frankie magazine

Frankie's Online Magazine brings you the latest in Australian & International Art, Culture & everything creative! Read more in Frankie online!

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