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Photograph by // After waiting weeks to even get a glimpse of wild wolves on the BC coast, we found a pair of female wolves on one of the outer coastal islands.

Natural love....

Visit the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, just a short drive from Il Nido Country Inn, Golden, British Columbia!


Surreal Animal Illustrations by Anastasia Korochansckaja. Anastasia Korochansckaja is a freelance illustrator based in Bellingham, United States

The words don't matter, and they aren't exactly right, either. Her name isn't Dapple. It's something that means the way shadows play on a forest pool at a midwinter dawn, with the breeze rippling the surface, and the tang of ice when the water touches the tongue, and a hint of snow before nightfall in the air. But that isn't quite it, either. You can't say it in words. It's more of a feeling. -Elyas, The Eye of the World

The wolf is the ancestor of the dog, so it counts. I love them, too, and I love this picture.

Scarfox Auction (closed) by on @DeviantArt

Scarfox Auction (closed) by Kawiku on DeviantArtg