The Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry only seems to grow more intense each day. But what is it really all about? It’s obviously about more than just footb

I'm visiting the land of the hipsters. can't wait :D Melbourne Vs. Sydney : A comparison between the world's most liveable city and the world's best city . some awesome info here!

lamington ice-cream bars

lamington ice-cream bars (don't these look devine!) I bet coconut oil would substitute well for oil Mais

Australia Day with Vegemite

So funny when people unfamiliar to Vegemite try to eat this straight from the jar! Just a smear on toast does me just fine

You know you're Australian when……

Bec on

Don't forget the cry of Aussie Aussie Aussie, in a crowd. There will be a shout out of Oi Oi Oi. Of at least one Aussie!

Australia Day Poster - A3 Code: DPOZD £1.95

I love Australia, because my beloved friend Noni lives there! She lives down under, but she does not live upside down((-: Ha! Ly M.

Australia Day desserts from Australian Better Homes and Gardens - Meringue and raspberry cream torte.

Meringue and raspberry cream torte - Better Homes and Gardens - I think I would do this with blueberries., I don't like the little seedy things in raspberries.

another Australia Day cookie cutter (not that we call them 'cookies' here...)

Use it this Jan 26 for your cookies, sandwhiches, even your hamburger meat patties for the barbecue!