Neil Perry's chicken cacciatore. Finish the cooking without the stirrer.

A simple hunter-style chicken dish is great, as it's just set and forget. All the time is in the slow cooking. I love olives in it, although they're not really .

Neil Perry's pork dumplings with Sichuan sauce.

Chinese Recipies for Spice Temple - Neil Perry's pork dumplings with Sichuan sauce.

Neil Perry's gnocchi beef ragu

Make ahead: Neil Perry's gnocchi beef ragu A rich ragu and a zesty tart - it's time to be tempted.

Neil Perry's classic pavlova topped with passionfruit curd and pulp.

What could be more Australian than pav with passionfruit? You can also add sliced stone fruit such as peaches, nectarines and plums.

Pumpkin and ricotta filo pastries & cauliflower fritters. Neil Perry.

Perfect party snack: Pumpkin and ricotta pastries. Shredded pumpkin and carrot form the basis of vegetarian finger-food tasty enough to tempt the most committed carnivore.

Eatlove - Neil Perry

Neil Perry’s Lamb Cutlets with Lemon Grass & Ginger

Lamb Cutlets With Lemon Grass And Ginger Growing up, the lamb cutlet was the star of the ‘meat and three veg’ plate that was so famous in the fifties and sixties. A lot has changed since then, but there is nothing I like more than a barbecued lamb cutlet.

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It's boldly un-Australian, but in adult memory I don't think I've ever bought a meat pie. But that doesn't mean I haven't eaten my fair share of this iconic morsel. My grandmother, Margaret Fulton, passed on to me her skills with pastry, as well as a love of a well-made Aussie pie. To me, it's the summer holidays in the palm of your hand, a thing for making in great quantities and sharing. A good Aussie stout and a spoonful of Vegemite lifts the flavour to even greater patriotic heights.

Beef and Aussie stout pies by Kate Gibbs Recipe - Modern Australian

Caroline Velik's Lamington Cupcakes Recipe

This Easter weekend, let's revisit our favourite chocolate themed indulgences to drool over, shall we?

Our General Tso's is lighter, spicier, and has greater depth than anything you can order from a classic Chinese takeout restaurant.

General Tso’s Chicken

general tso's chicken - "it's lighter, spicier, and has greater depth than anything you can order from a classic chinese takeout restaurant"

There's now a way more fun to wear undies - for two! You can really snuggle up to that someone special, but you probably won't be getting anywhere fast.

One-touch pizza ordering magnet - Photos - World's stupidest inventions

Fundies: Underwear Built for Two Can't decide if this is awesome or not, but it's still funny. Perhaps a good gift for a couple you know that's attached at the hip? Cause obviously these seem too constricting for a decent bang, no?

Wedding Cake Topper - Minnie and Mickey

Wedding Cake Topper - Mickey and Minni silhouette Wedding