Artemisia Gentileschi: Judith Slaying Holofernes, c. Oil on canvas, 199 x 162 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence “ One of the most popular subjects of Artemisia Gentileschi is a particularly.

maliciousglamour: “ In a Hotel in Milan, 1982 Photographer: Helmut Newton ”

Morning Light,Peaky Blinders,Crazy People,True Romance,Bates Motel,Ugg Boots,Location,Margiela,Novel

from-the-embers: “ Death and all his Friends by Maquenda ”

Only the oldest of the trees put up a fight, because they were the only things that remembered how.

White Photography,Black And White,Impacto Visual,Night Circus,Fallout,Tessa,Pretty Woman,Bombshell,Emotion

Chilli bean pork neck is a Chinese recipe by Donna Hay and pinned by Keva xo.

The hard truth. So many days wasted to please others. What about my love? What about what i crave and long for.

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio 1571 - 1610 Salome receives the Head of John the Baptist Oil on canvas Inventory number