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Crescent Pizza Stockings christmas dinner

Crescent Pizza Stockings - These would be cute for any holiday! Just use different cookie cutters! Like a bunny for Easter or a bat or pumpkin for Halloween!

It’s nearly Christmas time which means lots of end of year Christmas parties at playgroups, preschool and school. Will you need to bring a plate of food to share? Or maybe you just love surprising your kids with a special breakfast or lunch box item. Thrill the kids with these fun and fabulous

We love this fun, fabulous, and festive fruit display idea. It's perfect for a Christmas Party!

Napkin folding techniques, formally known as the art of napery.  Step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to fold napkins into classic folded napkin designs from the Victorian Era that will add a touch of class and distinction to any table setting. . .  These authentic napkin folding instructions are adapted from "Mrs. Beeton's Every-Day Cookery" by Mrs. Isabella Beeton, published by Ward, Lock & Co., Limited, in 1912, and from updated editions published after 1912.

Linen Table Napkins In Folded Napery Designs. The Art of Napkin Folding by Mrs. Beeton's Every-Day Cookery

A tattoo design for a friend, based on Hedwig from Harry Potter

A tattoo design for a friend, based on Hedwig from Harry Potter // I really like the middle right one ❤️

14kt white yellow pink gold Diamond Engagement by OscargamaJewelry

Pink gold round brilliant G- GIA with a flower style Halo Ring consist on a flower Halo with 6 diamonds. Each round brilliant