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Fantasy Writing thousand warriors drew their swords for a war they would not win. "For they were facing the Gods but they knew they were setting the stage for something much greater"

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dialogue prompt - "So, err, I noticed you're kinda naked. Is that intentional, or.

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Maybe that's what made this so hard to believe. That someone had fallen in love with her and only met her once but the weird thing is, he didn't even know her name yet he knew everything else about her.

A lot of people would make this into a touching story where she finds a guy who truly loves her, but what if she didn't? What if she lived her whole life never being loved, and instead lived to insure other's happiness.

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As you climb into your bed late at night, someone hurriedly knocks on the bedroom door. "Dad, let me in. You promised!

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You were born with the ability yo know what is buried beneath your feet. You have worked for years alongside archaeologists, finding lost cities and ancient treasures. However, today is the first time you have ever said, "We should not dig here.

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