Easy Custard Slices

Custard (Vanilla) Slice

“Easy Custard Slices” makes use of instant pudding/custard powder for the filling and pre-made puff pastry so that you get consistent results every time! Serve them fresh for maximum flavour.

vanilla slice

Vanilla Slice

Unendliche Vanille Tarte - MaLu's Köstlichkeiten

Pierre Hermés ‚Unendliche Vanille‘ Tarte

Vanilla Custard Slice - My absolute favourite! There is just no ladylike way of eating one of these, just bite in and catch the filling, oozing out of the sides, before it drops!! One is not enough!

'Vanilla custard slice' A glorious pastry classic that's tricky to get perfect, but lends a touch of luxury on an afternoon tea stand. Many countries have their own version.

Super-sized vanilla slice

Clinker Truffles

Super-sized vanilla slice from The Whoot!Although it's French in origin, Australians have made this slice their own with the addition of passionfruit.

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Donna Hay Vanilla Custard Slice Recipe - use this pastry technique instead of Graham crackers in Boston cream pie?

Donna Hay's Vanilla Custard Slice

vanilla custard slice Note: really takes hours to set fully. Used vanilla, milk and icing sugar icing. I Used a smaller pan to increase custard depth

Great Vanilla slice Recipe  | Allyson Gofton, ,

Vanilla slice Recipe - must try to make one day. Fricking love vanilla slice waaaaay too much

Super quick vanilla slice - 4 ingredients

These delicious Vanilla Slices are just like Nana used to make and everyone will love them.

Classic Vanilla Slice by Made From Scratch

Be still my beating heart 😍 Now to find a gf equivalent of puff pastry ☹️ Classic Vanilla Slice (Vanilla Bean Custard Between Puff Pastry)

Vanilla Slice Recipe Desserts with frozen puff pastry sheets, white sugar, custard powder, corn starch, milk, butter, egg yolks, vanilla extract, confectioners sugar, milk, vanilla extract

A glorious pastry classic that's tricky to get perfect, but lends a touch of patisserie luxury on an afternoon tea stand Credit: Askchefron

This EASY VANILLA SLICE is the easiest and best vanilla slice recipe you will ever come across, it's that good!

Just like the title suggests, this Easy Vanilla Slice is one of the easiest ways to make vanilla slice. Not only is it easy, but it tastes amazing!

Lemon Cheesecake Slice Recipe - Dessert  Ingredients: 2 packets Lattice biscuits 250g unsalted butter 250g caster sugar 250g Philladelphia cream cheese 1 (10g) sachet gelatine 1/4 - 1/3 cup lemon juice (fresh or bottled is fine)

Lemon cheesecake slice

With no cooking required, this refrigerator slice is quick and easy to make. With its tangy lemon cheesecake filling, this slice will be a popular treat. Find more on Kidspot New Zealand's recipe finder

No bake Lattice Slice Recipe - both regular and thermomix instructions included

No bake Lattice Slice Recipe - both regular and thermomix instructions included.

Passionfruit vanilla slice :: Gourmet Traveller - Just need to use a GF pastry.

Great collection of Classic Australian recipes - Gourmet Traveller. The passionfruit icing is definitely one to put at the top of your list.