This pool in Australia is awesome. Would love to train there.

For more than a century, Tasman Sea waves have crashed against—and into—the Bondi Icebergs' pool in Bondi Beach, Australia. (From: Amazing Public Pools)

Newcastle Beach, Australia

Be able to tighten that bikini string a little tighter and still enjoy your favorite foods….

Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle is among the vibrant cities in the Australia.It provides something for all begins at top notch constructions, museums, scenery an.

Newcastle Baths- NSW Australia..used to be my daily swimming will again!!

The Newcastle baths, just beside the beach, where Finn gets told off by a lifeguard for almost kissing Jill.

The Bogey Hole, Newcastle

15 Instagrammers Show Us Their Favourite Aussie Spots

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Les 365 photos qui ont marqué 2013! (Part. 3)

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