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Quote on depression - I'm exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel.

These quotes on depression and depression sayings deal with different aspects of the illness. The depression quotes are set on beautiful, shareable images.

Beautifully written There is no love more true or scared like the love of a broken hearted

There is nothing so beautifully genuine as a broken hearted person's love. For in giving it they are saying, "Yes, I have burned to smoke and ash fir the ones I have loved. I have been devoured, slowly,

Maybe that's why I love that smile so much.

I like it when you smile. But I LOVE it when I'm the reason. :) hope I can be the reason my Ryan smiles forever.

I had heard of love, some told me they felt it for me, and I'll admit that I thought I shared that sentiment, but it has become clear to me now ... I had not truly experienced this all-encompassing, unselfish, beautifully perfect side of love, until the moment I met you. -Samuel Decker Thompson

That moment when you realize that you finally feel love as it's meant to be experienced.

myfemmeownself got these from our covelles and danielles, and they sais do you want the ferst few then none more? myfemmeownself sais bring them all even if they line the shrubs! as each of them are special loves to myfemmeownself, each and every day!

DIY a thoughtful bouquet of roses! Learn the meaning of your favorite rose colors with this infographic. #flowers

The Meanings of Rose Colors. Good to know if you're deciding on rose colors for bouquets, centerpieces and other flowers for your wedding! I LOVE PEACH ROSES

Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present. This makes me happy☺