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Miami Vice.... Everyone tried to look like these guys. Don't believe me? Watch The Wedding Singer

Don Johnson made pastel and no socks cool for men. Crockett (Don Johnson) and Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) - Miami Vice

80's Male Twister Costume

Male Twister Costume, Multi-Coloured, with Jumpsuit and Spinning Board Hat

I laugh really hard at it every time.

I love the stuff you find at the end of the credits in Disney movies. I also love that Disney even let Marshmallow have a happy ending.

Gets me every time!

Just meeting him the first time she knew how to draw him perfectly<~~ Can we appreciate the older guy for just a minute! Lol I loved him!

This post!

This post! Elsa is as covered up and un-sexy Disney princesses get Cinderella was sexier than her


Hugs Ain’t For Thugs // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - - I love how the little kid looks so ticked off but is still hugging the other kid

Somebody better call the Winchesters, this girl obviously needs the boys to teach her that it's bad to summon demons and maybe Dean can help her out with the bully problem...

The right way to summon demons ---Ending bullying one curse at a time.