Quirky Cooking: Thermomix 'Fried' Rice

Quirky Cooking: Thermomix 'Fried' Rice Delicious & the fastest way that I have ever made fried rice :) tweaked a bit though - pan fried onions & bacon but otherwise all thermie.

autoimmune raspberries and cream cake by urban poser

Raspberries & Cream Breakfast Cake: cup coconut flour teaspoon baking soda teaspoon salt 5 egg yolks* 3 tablespoons honey (or liquid sweetener of choice) cup coconut oil 2 tablespoons full-fat coconut milk 2 teaspoons lemon juice cup raspberries

gluten free pizza base

Quirky Cooking: Gluten Free Pizza Base (according to Quirky Cooking FB post, also makes good waffles). Read comments re soaking and freezing.

Quirky Cooking: Tomato Sauce (Ketchup)

Best ever homemade ketchup. Quirky Cooking: Tomato Sauce (Ketchup) This is lovely (Kerry) Instead of of sundried toms I used Yummy!

Coconut Yogurt using coconut milk

Soy, almond, coconut, and even rice yogurt.which is the best? Here are some ways to choose the healthiest non-dairy yogurt all so you can enjoy this traditional snack in a healthy, cruelty-free way!