Sharing stories (aka. social currency) creates a bond between the brand and its followers. Like a bond fire, people can connect through stories and life experience. This in turn will create an authenticity to the brand and give the brand personality and be personable.

An entry from For Emma, Forever Ago

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Vivre sa vingtaine : mes rêves égoïstes

benchandcompass: winter lake to yourself.

This is the official page of Gentleman Bobwhite, dedicated to the finest of the outdoor lifestyle and the simple pleasures from a good covey rise.

Things I Love Featuring Denise from Wunderkid || The Free Spirited

Things I Love Featuring Denise from Wunderkid

Road Trip :: Seek Adventure :: Explore With Friends :: Summer Travel :: Gypsy Soul :: Chase the Sun :: Discover Freedom :: Free your Wild :: Travel Photography :: See more Untamed Road Trip Destinations + Inspiration

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Valentine Craft Pom Pom Monsters Tutorial

Wildness is not safe, but wildness is good. Ladyclough Forest from Daniel Casson Photography.

This will be my happy place one day. Taking a moment to appreciate the little things in life.

I want to go here and I want this backpack and blanket! As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place