Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell

Mother, Wife and just a little bit eccentric.
Cheryl Mitchell
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Moved on. so sad. your 4 weeks too late or else we might have had a chance. good bye my best friend. my true lover. love of my life.

Got all these :) Blessed & Thankful

Even in uncertain times, it’s always important to keep things in perspective. True wealth is the ability to fully experience life. – Henry David Thoreau You are alive. You are able to see the…

Poor kid.... But oh so very funny!

The right way to use your horse mask if you have kids. Lol this is the best!

Yep !!!

Fruit Juice Diet: picture brought to you by evil milk funny pics. Image related to Fruit Juice Diet

So true.

If you know my friends, you know this is true. I have my blood family and my chosen family. sometimes I even like my chosen family more.

Seriously - Nightmares forever if I ran into these two at the shops.

I've looked into the eyes of satan and he was wearing a off sale earl grey cardigan. Get the rock salt and lighter fluid and call the Winchesters!