Ying Tam, chef of Sydney's Ying's Seafood Restaurant, graciously shares his signature salt and pepper squid recipe with Food Safari's Maeve .

This Spanish hot chocolate dates back to the century, where it was served at banquets, known as agasajos.

A feature of Burmese cuisine is toasted chickpea flour (besan), which is commonly used as a thickener for soups or, like here, sprinkled over salads.

"If you’re going to roast a chicken, try to get at least three meals out of one chook. Serve lots of vegetables with the roast so you’ll have leftover meat to make this salad, and use the bones to make a stock." Matthew Evans, For the Love of Meat

O Tama Carey's pumpkin and pecorino scones make a delicious afternoon snack. This recipe uses paprika and lots of black pepper to give it an extra-spicy kick.

Hailing from Italy, these irresistible fried balls of appley dough are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Serve warm and dusted with sugar.

This is a lovely dense and fragrant cream. The slight tart flavour of the passionfruit is a great foil to the rich creaminess, with the elderflower adding an almost-crisp flavour and spritz from the sneaky prosecco that’s added.

Maria Benardis cites Anogia, Crete, as having the best slow-cooked lamb she's ever tasted. This recipe is a great deal faster to prepare than that of Anogia, but is equally satisfying. Add grated Greek cheese to the breadcrumb coating.