Recipe for Fairy Bread from Australia--This was a huge success with my troop this past week, who are first graders.  This is very inexpensive and it takes them awhile to put the butter on the bread.

Easy Australia Day 'cooking' activity for the classroom~ could pre butter the bread & remove crusts for younger kids, let them put the & on & cut in triangles with plastic knives.

Australia Day Spinach Damper Dip, Australia Day Party

Obviously this isn't wildlife but it's still Australia so that's good enough to add in our Party Foods. What a great idea to add dips in!

milo slice           I love slices, they are so easy to make and are perfect for lunch boxes.  This Milo slice is..

We love easy slice recipes; We have plenty of slice recipes on Bargain Mums,

Tim Tam & Milo Truffles – roll in milo instead of coconut

Tim Tam & Milo Balls

Tim Tam & Milo Balls packet of Tim Tams (I used the dark chocolate ones) 4 tbsp Milo ¾ of a can of sweetened condensed milk (save the rest for Viet iced coffee) 1 cup shredded coconut

It's been tradition for me to make a little something to celebrate Australia day, which is coming up...

Lamington Biscuits (raspberri cupcakes)

Australian Damper...had it while camping on an Australian sheep farm. Best cooked over the fire, but the oven or BBQ will do...and don't forget to smother it with honey or maple syrup! YUM!

The Homestead Survival: Damper - Traditional Australian soda bread recipe

Tim Tam and Milo Truffles |

Tim Tam and Milo Truffles

Australia Day noms – Iced Vo-Vo, Tim Tam and Anzac cupcakes

Australia Day cupcakes – Iced Vo-Vo, Tim Tam and Anzac cupcakes

More ideas
Caramello koala in blue jelly (the ocean) with an Australian flag for Australia day

Koala in the creek - Celebrate Australia Day January. Cute kids party food idea - Blue Jelly and a Chocolate Caramello Koala with mini Aussie Food Pick

Australia Day Punch! (For the DD's)

Australia Day punch

Australia Day Punch Recipe - A fun non alcoholic drink for the little nippers at your Australian day celebrations.

Australia Day Cake - No Bake

Australia Day cake- Lamington cake from Woolworths, 16 Tim Tams pkts) and Caramello Koala

Fun food idea for Australia Day - koala in a creek - Laughing Kids Learn

Fun food idea for Australia Day - koala in a creek

Australia day snacks - watermelon and pinapple fruit cut with an Australia shaped cookie cutter. too clever.

Australia day snacks - watermelon and pinapple fruit cut with an Australia shaped cookie cutter. too clever - could be used with different shaped cookie cutters for different times of the year

Vegemite and cheese scrolls are delicious and so easy to make. Great to enjoy at a party or over Australia Day.  - Laughing Kids Learn

Vegemite and cheese scrolls

Delicious Vegemite and cheese scrolls recipe that you can easily cook with children. Perfect for lunch boxes and can be enjoyed this Australia Day

The VERY BEST AUSTRALIA DAY RECIPES!!!! 20 totally delicious recipes that will blow your mind! #Australia #Day #Australian #recipes

20 Totally 'Aussie' Australia Day Recipes

a pavlova shaped like Australia - the perfect Australia Day dessert plus free template!

Iced Vo-Vo's, Lamingtons, Anzacs & Tim Tams! Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day 26th Jan 2015