Lamb pistachio sausage rolls with turmeric pastry.

The filling of these sausage rolls is reminiscent of a Lebanese kofta, but with a more intense flavour, wrapped in a spiced turmeric rough puff pastry that bakes .

Using orange rather than lemon juice helps the apple assert itself in a crumble. Dan Lepard

Dan Lepard's sticky apple crumble and brandy syrup cake Every apple season I reach first for lemon and sugar to add tartness and sweetness.

Homemade fresh mint truffles   Dan Lepard

Dan Lepard's edible Christmas gift recipes

Homemade fresh mint truffles - be careful to melt the chocolate in on a *very* low heat. Keep temp of choc < 110 deg. Other than that - very simple.

Spiced Pork with Miso and apple   Dan Lepard

Dan Lepard's unique pork, miso and apple take on Chinese steamed buns (boa).

Sri Lankan chicken curry with onion sambal (top left).

Sri Lankan chicken curry - This delicious curry is a festival of flavour and, once you gather the ingredients together, it's really simple.

White Christmas parfait   Dan Lepard

This pudding - in the grand tradition of Australian iced Christmas desserts - can be made a week ahead, sliced straight from frozen, and gets an evocative mix of childhood and adult flavours bang-on.

Dan Lepard

Ricotta helps keep the texture of these lemon and poppyseed steamed puddings soft and delicate. These can be made in the oven or microwave, and serve

Dan Lepard  Date and Semolina Bars

Date semolina bars recipe

Coconut, lime and rum cake (Dan Lepard recipe) with frosted primroses.

Coconut, lime and rum cake (Dan Lepard recipe) with frosted primroses.

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