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Weibka Winter Clothing Logo Design, Fashion & Sport Brand Identity | Letter W, Letter A, Geometric, Triangle, mountain, lake, mark, branding | Weibka, Geneva Switzerland | Celine Le Duigou, Freelance Graphic Designer, Perth Australia

could utilize other graphic than mountain, while UNP and something nature/place inspired.

Once again, I like the simplicity of this logo, and the fact that they did so much with just a few shapes and lines. You can obviously see the white in the logo stands out when it is placed on top of the black. This makes an important point to remember to chose the right colours. This logo influences my chosen audience because it is sophisticated and simple, and the pattern has a sense of wealth and elegance to it.

Susana Pabst by Arthur William Presser, via Behance / graphic design + branding + identity design