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Mid-Winter at the Tree House

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Lemax does not have any tree houses in their 2013 catalogue. But I wanted one, an "Ultimate Tree House Complex" to make up for the one I never had as a kid. This is really an extension of my "David's Fort" project, but it took on a life of its own.

Model tree-house - Winter, ASMR

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Obviously "Safety" is for whooses - the rope bridge never did get its chain link handrail that was demanded by visiting parents on threat of closure.

Snowman building is a favourite club mid-winter activity.

By the fireside!

Snow is thick on the ground as the kids gather to celebrate the golden days of their youth, free of parents and adults.

The Pines in the background make a great windbreak!

The main club-house, a thing of great architectural beauty in the eyes of 10 year olds - built with material scavenged from the local tip, of course, as befits a "man's castle"!

The rickety spiral staircase, winding its way up the tree, also never quite got its chain handrails. Oh Well !!??! That's why God made snow!