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Matthew Hicks

Melbourne, Australia / Film, TV, video games, comic books and other such things.
Matthew Hicks
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James Cotton Blues Band at Grande Ballroom 11/10 & 11/67 by Carl Lundgren & Victor Skrebnewski

James Cotton Blues C & the Sunshine, November 10 & 1967 - Grande Ballroom (Detroit, MI.) Art By Carl Lundgren Photo: Victor Skrebnewski

Hapshash and the Coloured Coat - M̲elt

psychedelic-sixties: “ ‘Luv Me’ Film Productions Ltd, designed by Jacob And The Coloured Coat 1967 ”

rmgdesign:  #Oz #magazine psychedelic-sixties:  “Travel OZ“ OZ Magazine, Issue 30  (October 1970)

“Travel OZ“ OZ Magazine, Issue 30 (October Exploring the era, in comparison to modern magazine graphics the designs are more structured.

Victor MOSCOSO (1967)

Quicksilver Messenger Service, John Lee Hooker and Miller Blues Band at Avalon Ballroom Art by Victor Moscoso.

Suspiria, one of the most important horror films ever made. #cinematography #movies #film

love watching dario argento’s movie suspiria. the cinematography emphasizes the primary colours, making it really creepy and eerie… it was one of the last movies to be processed at the technicolor processing plant.

Design is fine. History is mine.

Imagine a time with no computers but with lots of craftsmanship and creativity.

The Fool artwork

An original psychedelic merchandising poster that was sold through The Beatles Apple boutique in Baker Street, London in The colourful poster was de