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Here are some awesome improvements to everyday gadgets and accessories. I could especially use the washable keyboard and the paint brush that sits on the edge of the paint can! Can't tell you how many shoes i've lost to slipping paintbrushes :-)

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VIVA Office Executive and Managerial Chair

The VIVA Office Executive and Managerial Chair reclines fully and has an extended foot rest for the ultimate in office comfort.

The Emperor Is A $21,500 Chair

The Emperor LX: up to 5 monitors, 5.1 audio system (5 speakers, 1 sub), LED lighting, light therapy, air filtering system, tilting capabilities, rotating pedestal, laptop tray, massage, side tables... all touchscreen controlled... with an empirical price. I'm more of a stand-at-the-computer kind of guy, so this is ONE workstation that would be most lovely.

The Emperor: The ultimate geek workstation

Office chair-command-center similar to that used by the nerdy guy from Grandma's Boy.

New Design - A Floor Desk to Cure RSI

Get Rid Of Computer Sickness -Ergonomics & Comfort At Work - How To Re-design Your Workstation - Low Sitting Desk